We’re a messy bunch, but we get the job done.

Our captain’s Mia Nyroh. She’s a dead shot, so you might not want to mess with ‘er. Supposedly a big game hunter, too. Jim’s the pilot, and a pretty decent guy. And you can oftener than not find Derik Whatsisface hangin’ around the cockpit, tryin’ out some new, fancy doohickey that probably won’t do any good.

Feliks Kobrin, our…enforcer…mostly keeps to himself. Same with Shepherd Rowena Wallace. (My advice is to stay on her good side, too – you wouldn’t think it, but she’s packing heat.) Doctor Freeman’s usually in the medbay with Cerun, our token crazy. Now there’s a piece of work. The crazy, I mean.

Then there’s me, Annika Sörinen. I’ll be in the engine room, keepin’ us in the sky.


Aboard the Marathon Saluvril