Annika Sörinen

Fresh-out-of-college mechanic with a penchant for fisticuffs and loan shark issues.


Str 14, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 15 HP 10, AC 14 FORT +0, REF +2, WILL +5

Most Important (ie Frequently Used) Skills: Craft (mech.) 11 Craft (electr.) 10 Disable Device 10 Knowledge (phys. sci.) 9 Knowledge (tech.) 8 Repair 11

Speaks, writes and reads English, Chinese, Finnish

Armor: leather jacket Weapon: steel-toed boots


Backstory: Growing up in the small town of Bee Cave on the planet Neo-Texas, little Annika spent the afternoons peering over the desktop at her father’s drafting business with her three big brothers. They sent her off to college on an inner planet partly to make her stop dismantling the family’s hovercraft. A newcomer to city life, Annika never really adjusted – she was usually too busy raising money to keep herself in school. When a governor’s daughter copied her patent for a more energy-efficient flux capacitor and won a massive scholarship, she reacted as any backwater girl would: by punching the lights out of the snobby cheat. What followed was a massive legal entanglement that resulted in the loans Annika had taken falling through, along with a community service requirement that sent her to a backwoods moon that just happened to be being attacked by Alliance troops.

Love interests: Wow, no DARMA potential there.

Goals: Pay off the loan sharks, fulfill certain requirements of certain things, buy and refurbish a retro ship

Enemies: Derik, and most others who Annika views as “threats.” This is paranoia more than anything else, as she still hasn’t gotten over having her patents stolen.

Annika Sörinen

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